Friday, May 14, 2010

Stuff I Do Get

Two weeks ago, in my blog dated April 26, I mentioned that there were some things I didn’t get. One of them was golf on TV. Really? Golf on TV? Shoot me now. Weeding is more interesting.

So I came home several days later to an empty house and found the TV had been left on. It was on the golf channel! I immediately figured it was one of my teenagers seeking revenge for not getting them an Art History Major Barbie for their 7th birthday.

Then today my daughter, “Keeper of Traditions” (see blog March 27) came into the family room where I was sewing, crawled into the Love Sack and turned the TV onto the golf channel.

“AH-ha! So it was you that left the golf channel on the other day. Very funny”
“So joke’s over, lets watch something that doesn’t drop our IQ”
“But it’s the PGA tournament”
Blink, blink. Does she even know what that stands for?
“OK, really, what’s really going on here?” I ask.
“I just like it. Everything is outdoors and green, the guys all really wear cool clothes.”
Really cool clothes? I am waiting for the hidden camera attached to a really irritating person to jump out from behind the couch.
“That’s it, you have a crush on someone on the school golf team, huh?”
“Mom, whatever. I really like to watch golf. I like watching to see if they get the ball in. It’s all outside, I can hear the bird’s chirp, everyone is calm, and I really like the way the men all talk in quiet voices.”
It’s peaceful, like a small town. I finally get it. So we compromise and she puts in the DVD “the Greatest Game Ever Played”. I am still not convinced that it is the “greatest game ever played”, but if we call the movie “How Cute is Shia LaBeouf?”, I’ll cooperate.

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  1. Read it out loud to Guy and Chaz. We are all rolling on the floor, which has little to do with the fact that we just had a dinner of Bajios, Der Wenerschitzle and Panda Express, all at the same time. But Chaz questions your taste in the matter of Shia LaBeouf. You DO know that his last name means "The meat" right, like "side of beef."

    Golf on TV. Not as exciting as curling. I love curling. I don't know, maybe I should watch the golf channel before I try sleeping . . .