Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Your Night Time Viewing Pleasure

So I have been sleeping on the couch for a month. The good news is that it is NOT because my husband is not speaking to me, though heaven knows I have given him many chances. I have had bronchitis and it is so much easier to sleep sitting up, and some nights, when it was impossible to sleep, it has been nice to be able to turn on the TV and have some sort of distraction from my beleaguered lungs.

After I had gone through several sets of batteries searching all 700 channels for a show I was allowed to watch, (remember, my children have forbidden me to watch any NCIS or CSI or Criminal Minds), and, heaven forbid, for something that would not set my diminishing IQ back any further, I went to the “On Demand” feature on my remote. From there I began to search through “All TV Series”. So here is a sampler of my favorite viewing options:

Bridal Boot Camp
Chasing Mummies
Deadly Women
I’m Pregnant And I Didn’t Know It
Modern Sniper
Monsters Inside Me
Prison Wives
Scream Queens
Swamp People


I had peeked at “Bridezillas” one night, and with four unmarried children of my own, it gave me nightmares, so I skipped “Bridal Boot Camp”. “Chasing Mummies” really didn’t interest me, and I imagined that “Deadly Women” couldn’t be much worse than back to school shopping with my girls when they were teenagers. I started to watch “I’m Pregnant And I Didn’t Know It”, but it was insulting. “Modern Sniper” and “Prison Wives” sounded too much like the shows I have been banned from watching, and “Monsters Inside Me”, “Scream Queens”,
“Swamp People”, all sounded like something that 15 year old boys who spend too much time playing Halo on the weekend would watch.

So instead, I found an episode of “Animal Hoarders” and watched that.

I want my lungs back. And maybe my life,too.


  1. There are actually some kind of fun things to watch, but I think you might have to learn to access HULU for that. Maybe you could ask your children how to do that, or my children - because I couldn't tell you if my life depended on it. Stop coughing, dang it.

  2. Hey I have missed you. Sorry you were sick that is no fun!