Friday, October 14, 2011

It's A Combination of Things

I got word today that my 3 grandsons will be arriving on December 14th to stay for 2 weeks. I am ecstatic beyond words. Instantly I pull open a December Calendar page on my computer and begin plugging in fun things to do each day with the boys.

My only 3 grandkids live half way across the United States and I will want to wring every possible minute for all it is worth while they are here, all while juggling the extra cooking and cleaning and limited sleeping when our smallish house is full of as many as 13 people and two dogs plus puppies due soon. While they are here there will always be someone eating, though not always someone washing dishes, always someone in one of the two bathrooms, though seldom does the Lysol and Windex get applied, and as it will be winter, there will be layers of clothing and socks and wet gloves, so the washer and the dryer will always be running. Oh, and I need to remember to hide the Sharpees.

I honestly don't mind the chaos and the work. I will make a lot of the food in the weeks prior to their arrival and freeze it ahead, that will make dinner time easier. I will check with the grand kids to find out their favorite dinners so that dinner-times have fewer melt downs. Oh, wait, did I say grand kids? Oh please, my 17 year old is pickier than the 3 grand kids put together, and I have 3 other kids who have a long list of quirky food allergies.

Anyway, as I add to my calendar "Ginger Bread Houses" for the 17th and "Build Snowmen" on the 20th, I come to the 21st, Winter Solstice. I decide to do a little reading on Wikipedia to see if it sparks a fun idea for a way to make that day fun. That page comes up on the screen and I am reading along, and hit this sentence, "The Saami, indigenous people of Finland, Sweden and Norway, worship Beiwe, the sun-goddess of fertility and sanity."

Fertility and Sanity coming from the same Goddess?

That's the best laugh I have had in a long time.

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  1. That explains Finland, Denmark and Norway, anyway. I always wondered why they were so - well - nordic minded. You are a better man than I. When small children are aimed at my house, I cultivate the flu.