Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why, Thank You

So yesterday I dragged my kid who is just home from college to the doctor.  She has been oozing snot and germs for two weeks and I knew it was time to get help once she told me her ear was clogged.

After asking all the usual questions the doctor went to look in her ears but couldn't see anything until she had done a bit of house cleaning.  I commented that was a family trait.  The doctor then quipped, "That means you will look younger."


"Weird as it sounds, " she said, "Studies have shown that the more ear wax a person produces seems to coincide with having fewer wrinkles."

Get out.

So the next time some one says, "Oh, no, you look WAY to young to have 6 grandkids..."

I will say,

"Why, Thank You, its the ear wax".

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